Once again, I had the chance to broaden my knowledge about movement, dance, touch, embodiment, awareness and body sensitization this week.

15 teachers from Berlin, all professionally trained in BMC (Body-Mind-Centering) & IBMT (Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy), have invited to teach the diversity of their individual approaches.

It is the approach of the so-called "embodied anatomy" that inspires and fascinates me the most at BMC and IBMT. Each class is based on a specific anatomy theme. By looking at illustrations and videos from anatomical studies, physiological processes and human development principles, one deepens its imagination and tranform it to an experience through perception, breath, sensations, movements and dance – a radical re-visioning of the learning process.
Very playful and joyful.

The workshops, I was attending, were integrating the following topics:
* the spine and how it interrelates with our whole body
* the skin – our largest organ
* the breath of the central nervous system
* the pelvis – a bony bowl and house of our sex organs
* the pancreas – a powerful organ
* the diaphram – an emotional muscle
* the nervous system – a highly organized and complex network
* the bones – stability & flow
* the digestive system – an exploration
* scoliosis – a common disease

... ready to integrate my new knowledge into my bodywork-sessions!

(photo: BMC studies, 2017)